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Call in experienced collection specialists?

Did your customer not pay on time? That's very annoying, but don't worry, we can solve this problem. With more than 17 years of experience, we offer a solution: 100% No Cure, No Pay- collection. We'll get to work for you free of charge and if we don't succeed, you don't have to pay anything.

Sign up, upload your invoice and get started within minutes. You have 24/7 control over the progress and status, so you know exactly which invoice is still open and which has already been collected. Read more about engaging a debt collection agency

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Free collection

  • 100% No Cure No Pay debt collection
  • No subscription or file costs
  • Submit your collection within 5 minutes
  • Follow the collection process 24/7 via your online file
  • High customer satisfaction (average mark: 9.4)
  • Direct payment after receipt of collection

Frequently asked questions

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Is it possible to engage a collection agency once?

Yes, you can engage a collection agency once if you want to hand over a claim once in a while. We do not charge any subscription or file costs, we work on a 100% No Cure No Pay basis, you can test us without being committed to anything.

Is there a minimum amount for starting a collection?

No, the amount of your outstanding invoice does not matter to us.

Who is debt collection agency Credifin?

Debt collection agency Credifin Nederland was founded in 2005. Since then, we have helped more than 11,500 customers collect outstanding receivables. We are located at the Amsterdam Zuidas. We carry out collection orders throughout the Netherlands. We understand better than anyone how annoying it is when your bills are not paid. It is our passion to help you collect your claim. Learn more about us >

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How does debt collection agency Credifin work?

With our simple online debt collection system, you have 24/7 access to your debt collection process along with all documentation. After you’ve created an account, you simply upload the overdue invoices (and relevant documents) and we immediately get to work for you.


We approach your customers in a friendly manner with the aim of keeping your customer relationship as good as possible. We continue to do so, even if it becomes very difficult. In more than 90% of our cases we collect the outstanding amount in full (including collection costs). Read more about how it works.

What does it cost to engage debt collection agency Credifin?

There are no costs associated with outsourcing a debt collection assignment to debt collection agency Credifin. The costs of engaging our collection agency will be borne by your non-paying customer. 100% (No) Cure No Pay means that your customer (the debtor) pays the collection costs for the collection process on top of the outstanding amount. And is it possible to collect in full? Then you will receive 100% of the invoice amount.

Read more about the collection rates >

What options does debt collection agency Credifin have for collecting?

We offer debtors as a collection agency simple online payment options to make it as easy as possible for them to make the payment. Your debtor also has full access to the outstanding invoices and correspondence via an online web portal. For example, she can easily pay the outstanding collection with iDeal, request a settlement and even chat with us.

Read more about the web portal for debtors >

How am I kept informed of the status?

You can view the status of your debt collection process 24/7 via our online debt collection portal. All your documentation and communication such as invoices/emails/letters and telephone conversations can be found here.

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Innovative collection agency

We are your experienced and innovative collection

Ervaren incassospecialisten

Experienced collection specialists

Years of experience have shown that we collect most of the receivables in full within a few weeks. If your client fails to pay immediately, we will solve it through a payment arrangement. Is it not possible in any way to collect the outstanding amount through the collection process? Then we can proceed to a home visit or credit check, and as a final step start a judicial collection procedure. Read more about our collection process
incassotarieven no cure no pay

No cure no pay debt collection agency

100% (No) Cure No Pay means that your customer (the debtor) pays the collection costs for the collection process on top of the outstanding amount. Don't we collect anything? Then you pay nothing! You also pay no subscription or file fees at our debt collection agency. Read more about the rules 
Klantvriendelijk incassobureau

Customer-friendly debt collection agency

We approach your customers in a friendly manner. Our goal is to keep your relationship with your customer as good as possible. We are approachable and communicate honestly, openly and frequently to your client. With us, innovation is not only a means of collection, personal interaction with your customer still has proven success, so that is always paramount! Read more about our company
Overige diensten

Amsterdam and all of the Netherlands

We are officially a debt collection agency in Amsterdam, with many clients in the region around the capital. In addition, we see the number of customers from the rest of the Netherlands increasing rapidly. More than 11,500 companies have now made use of our smart web portal. You can create an account online, upload your invoice and immediately start collecting it. This is possible from Amsterdam, just like from the rest of the Netherlands. File a claim 


Together we help associations in the Netherlands to stay financially healthy

Credifin Nederland cooperates with Clubcollect. Clubcollect provides billing and member administration for more than 1400 associations. With the push of a button, club collect associations can offer their hard to collect invoices to Credifin Nederland for collection.

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