Credifin Netherlands uses a transparent policy. There are no subscription and/or starting fees. We always strive for the debtor to pay the costs related to the collection process. We’re offering you a transparent and reliable service provision based on three models: full collection, partial collection and no collection.

Voorwaarden incassobureau

  • Credifin Nederland does not charge any subscription costs.  
  • In case the entire claim is paid, you will receive the principal amount.
  • If your debtor has paid part of the claim and you refrain from taking further legal action, we will charge our collection fee.  
Principal Collection Fee
Over the first € 2.500,00             15% ( with a min. € 40,00)
Over the amount up to € 2.500,00 10%
Over the amount up to € 5.000,00 5%
Over the amount up to € 190.000,00 1%
Above € 200.000,00 0,5% (max. € 6.775,00)
  • In case you decide to terminate the case and waive any further legal measures we offer full No Cure No Pay, meaning you won’t have to pay us anything if you don’t receive any payment from the debtor.


When we bring cost to the client?

  • If you decide to use a home visit, credit check or Final Warning we will charge the fee for this service.
  • If the collection process not succeeds, you can choose to start legal proceedings. For the initiation of legal proceedings we charge an advance fee.


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