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General Terms and Conditions

Our services

Final warning

Before you proceed to offer your claim for collection you could consider using a “final warning”. In that case we will send a final warning in your name, on Credifin Nederland stationary, in which your debtor is kindly requested to pay the claim in full within 14 days. In case your debtor fails to make the payment, you can then decide to offer your claim for collection, which will start the collection process.

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Debt collection

Whether it's a small or a large claim, it's going to be a payment dispute or does your client never comment on any summon,we offer our debt collection services based on * 100 % No-Cure No-Pay * you will not pay any subscription or registration fee. If your debtor doesn’t pay anything, you do not pay anything either.

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House visit - Credit check

A supplementary service that we offer alongside our debt collection services is visiting your debtor personally at their last known residential or business address. A house visit can be set up because debtors simply fail to react, or in order to obtain more information about your debtor’s financial situation.

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Legal procedure

Sometimes a claim needs to be brought before a district court. Beforehand we will advise you if initiating a legal proceeding is worthwhile, to determine this we will need to know how strong your case is and if the debtor is able to redress. Furthermore the duration of the process needs to be taken into account, which can take a while. The accused party may also defend themselves.Upon your written agreement we will handle the case from the moment the summons is issued to the moment the verdict has been executed.

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