Debtor management

Outsource your debtor management

en experience the freedom to do business? As an entrepreneur, it is important to get your invoices paid on time. Still, you don't want to worry about it too much. Have your debtors managed or do it yourself according to a fixed approach. In which you send reminders on time, stay in touch with your customers and in this way prevent invoices from remaining open for too long.

Outsource debtor management

Do you want to outsource your debtor management and in this way ensure that you no longer have to worry about it? We have years of experience. We do this digitally via our platform, where you can automatically upload outstanding invoices. The easiest way to outsource the management of your invoice. Do you want to ensure that you no longer have to worry about your invoices with your debtor management? We can provide you with excellent service. Largely automated and of course with our personal and professional attention.


The advantages of the automated process within Credifin debtor management:

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  • API links
    You can easily link our platform to your accounting package or ERP/CRM system.
  • Real-time dashboard
    You closely monitor your outstanding invoices, adjust where necessary and maintain full insight and control.
  • Automated Workflows
    Je beschikt over een krachtige tool, waarbij je herinneringen en aanmaningen voortaan uit zichzelf laat lopen.
  • Customer portal
    Your customers can easily view invoices, respond to them and pay via iDeal.

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  • Integrated EmailYou link your mailbox to our platform, incoming and outgoing e-mails are automatically assigned to the right customer.
  • Slimme betaalmogelijkheden
    Use the payment link and QR codes in the emails and letters to make it easier and simpler for your customers to pay.
  • Payment Arrangements
    Extensive option for offering and monitoring schemes to your customers.
  • Collection orders
    Send your direct debit orders to Credifin Incasso with 1 press of a button.

Link with your Accounting package

First of all, we link your accounting package with our system, so that all invoices can be automatically loaded into the system. We have a standard connection with Exact, Visma/Yuki, Snelstart, Minox, RACS, Winbooks, Kerridge, E-Boekhoudt, Wefact, d-basics and many others. If your accounting package is not listed, ask us for the possibilities, we can add extra links if necessary.

Benefits of debtor management: freedom to do business

Curious why other entrepreneurs outsource their credit management? They experience complete freedom to do business. Where they know for sure that the invoices are paid, without having to worry about it:

  • Freedom to do business
    You started your business to create, connect and, for example, inspire with great products. Most entrepreneurs are not eager to be busy with the (outstanding) invoices all the time.
  • No worries about payment terms
    Which payment terms have expired and is it time to send a reminder or even a reminder? Questions that entrepreneurs would rather not worry about too much. By outsourcing it, so that you don’t have to worry about deadlines within credit management.
  • Specialist for debtor management
    Did you know that it helps for many customers to call them once and make clear agreements about the payment term? By outsourcing the debtor management to a specialist, you automatically opt for a professional working method.

With good management of your debtors, you can be sure that customers pay their invoices and that they do so on time. So that you receive the money you are entitled to. And that you need to pay the incoming invoices or to invest again. Well-paying debtors are the basis for a healthy company, which gives you the opportunity to grow further. Without having to worry about debtor management, because you know for sure that the (outstanding) invoices are in good hands. And that a reminder or even a reminder is sent in time. For example, to remind customers that the invoice has been open for too long, which is of course not the intention.

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