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No cure no pay

Clear rules as a debt collection agency

Credifin Nederland works in the amicable collection process on the basis of 100% (No) Cure No Pay. That means that when nothing pays you don't owe us anything.

No subscription or file costs

Furthermore, we also charge don’t charge subscription or file costs and you can use the online collection web portal 24/7 free of charge. No Cure No Pay. It doesn’t matter how many overdue invoices or other debt collection cases you have going with us.

No cure no pay collection conditions

  • We do not collect anything, you pay nothing. No cure no pay. Even if it appears during the collection procedure that your debtor has been declared bankrupt, for example.
  • We collect in full, you receive the full invoice amount! Your debtor pays our costs. We do not charge any success fees or additional hidden costs on top of a successful friendly collection process.
  • In exceptional cases (<5% of all direct debits) it may happen that we collect partially (with you or with us), for example due to a dispute or for financial reasons, we only charge a commission on the part received (the cure). Below you will find the cure scale *: 

Partial collection of commission fees:

Principal amountCommission
First € 2.500,0015% ( with a min. € 40,00)
After the first € 2.500,0010%
After the next € 5.000,005%
After the next € 190.000,001%
Everything above € 200.000,000,5% (max. € 6.775,00)



The higher the outstanding amount, the lower the percentage of commission.

* VAT on the collection costs

Our income is excl. VAT. The VAT on the collection costs will be charged to you as the client according to the law. Are you not liable for VAT? Then we will charge VAT to the debtor. Of course, you can reclaim the VAT charged with the tax authorities.

Cost of additional collection services

House visit, credit check, legal proceedings or final reminder

house visit, credit check, legal proceedings or final notice involve certain costs for the hours that have to be made and, according to legislation, can not be charged to the debtor. We therefore charge the following fees for the following services. Sometimes we ask for an advance on costs that can often be recovered from your debtor afterwards following a positive verdict by the judge

  • Final notice

    The costs for sending a final reminder amount to € 10 excl. VAT.* We do not charge any extra costs for sending a Registered Email ™.
    * Of course, other price agreements are possible, depending on the amount.

  • House visit - Credit check

    For a house visit or a credit check, the costs average between 48-80 euros for assessing the debtor's situation. For a credit check, the costs also depend on how quickly you want to obtain the information. We give you an estimate beforehand.

  • Judicial collection procedure

    In the unlikely event that the collection process does not result in payment, you can choose to initiate legal proceedings. Firstly, the procedure always a includes a thorough cost-benefit analysis, because a procedure like this does entail costs. For example:

    • The court registry (a legally obliged contribution for the costs of the judicial proceedings)
    • Potential costs of appearing before a judge for a hearing
    • Any costs in the execution process (these are costs that the bailiff incurs if the debtor still doesn't pay following the judge's verdict)

    Who pays for the costs of the judicial debt collection procedure?
    In principle, each party must pay, or advance, its own litigation costs during a legal dispute. It is up to the judge to decide who ultimately bears the costs. The main rule is that the losing party must pay the costs (i.e. their own costs and those of the other party). Keep in mind, however, that if, after a positive verdict has been given, a debtor ultimately doesn't verhaal bieden/pay the amount, the costs actually incurred will remain for you as claimant.

Why Credifin?

  • No subscription or file costs
  • 100% No cure No pay Debt collection agency
  • Letter sent to the debtor the next working day
  • Easy upload of your invoices
  • Follow the collection process 24/7 via your online file
  • Unique: Free collection with Registered Email ™

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