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Debt collection

Use debt collection if your customer does not pay an invoice? An accessible way to receive the money you are entitled to, such as a final notice do not seem to work. Very annoying, of course, but something that unfortunately many freelancers, SME organizations and other companies have to deal with.

And for what the possibilities you have dried up yourself, because you have little experience with that. Or does not have the time to continue calling the customer and making payment. In those cases, a debt collection process is often the right choice. So that you can still collect the outstanding account, without having to worry about it based on our online collection.

Why debt collection?

You don’t want to go to court right away, but you do want the customer to pay your outstanding invoice. Then debt collection is a good idea, as the ideal solution between doing nothing and going to court. With debt collection we ensure that we communicate in a friendly yet very clear manner. To indicate exactly which invoice is involved, and what amount is currently open. And to leave no doubt that you would like to see the invoice fulfilled, without jeopardizing your possible good relationship with the customer.

Tip: many of the non-paying customers eventually become customers with us, because they appreciate our way of working for debt collection.

How does debt collection work?

Curious how it works when we start with your collection? We start with the notice of default to start the debt collection process. Without threatening phone calls and aggressive emails. By seducing and urging your customer to pay. With a Registered Email ™ and with SMS, as well as via WhatsApp, Voice dialing, Social Media and of course with telephone contact.

Tip: keep yourself well informed about the progress? Thanks to our online platform, you are informed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of what we do for you and of (partial) payments that your customer makes. In order not to miss anything, without having to worry about it yourself.

You can upload your invoice online, after which we will immediately start working on it for you. We will process the file and will write to and call your customer. In this way we try to arrange an arrangement or a commitment that you can rely on. We make a payment appointment with the customer, in order to be able to transfer to you afterwards.

During the various steps, we ensure that we tempt your customer to pay. By making that as easy as possible and designating it as the only logical next step. For which we communicate in a smart way, without getting in the way of any good relationship between you both.

Debt collection via Credifin: 15+ years of experience

At Credifin we have more than 15 years of debt collection experience. We know what it takes to make your customer pay. Moreover, we do that 100% based on No Cure, No Pay. This means that you do not have to incur costs, even if the customer decides not to pay. And, unfortunately, during the collection process, it is not possible to collect the invoice for you.

Do you want to use direct debit and thus ensure that you still receive the money you are entitled to? You can submit your invoice directly online. We will work on it for you.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to know more about our collection agency or do you have any questions about our method or the costs? Call us on telephone number 020 345 26 75 or send an e-mail to We would like to hear from you!

Knowing more?

No cure, No pay collection

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Why Credifin?

  • No subscription or file costs
  • 100% No cure No pay
  • Letter sent to the debtor the next working day
  • Easy upload of your invoices
  • Follow the collection process 24/7 via your online file
  • Unique: Free collection with Registered Email ™

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