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How does it work?

With our simple online collection web portal, you have 24/7 access to your debt collection process, along with all the necessary documentation. After you've created an account, simply upload the overdue invoices (and relevant documents) and we'll start working immediately. Using a debt collection agency has never been easier! And of course, it's on a No cure no pay basis.

Get started immediately with the collection process

After several payment reminders, do you still have zero on your request? Then let us start the collection process by approaching your customers in a friendly way. We approach this differently, in accordance with the situation and the contact details we have from your debtor, for example by e-mail, SMS or even via Whatsapp or social media. And that does not cost you a cent, because we fully pass on the collection costs to your customer (100% no cure no pay).

Simple payment options for your customer

Debtors can log into our debt collection web portal via a smartphone / tablet or computer, after which they have access to the outstanding invoices and associated documentation and correspondence. This way they can easily pay the outstanding collection with iDeal, request an arrangement and even chat with us. It is our experience that if we make it as easy as possible for your customer to pay, they are much more likely to transfer the amount.

More than 90% chance of success!

In more than 90% of the cases we collect the outstanding amount in full (incl. Collection costs) before or during the collection process. Our goal is always to keep your customer relationship as good as possible. But we continue, even when things get very difficult. Then we solve it with payment agreement or payment arrangement and not immediately with heavy guns. Is it not possible in any way to collect the outstanding amount through the collection process? Then we can proceed to a home visit or credit check, and as a final step start a judicial collection procedure.

24/7 access to the collection process

With our simple online collection web portal you have 24/7 access to your collection process and all documentation. In this way you can follow what we do for you and what the reactions of your customers are at any time, from first telephone call to sent e-mails and other documentation.

Create account for web portal?

Which can! But you can always give us a try by uploading your first overdue invoice here without creating an account. We will then get to work immediately for you. If you are happy with the result, you can always create an account if you are once again facing a closed door with one or more customers.

One-time trial? (No account)

Upload an overdue invoice without creating an account. It takes 1 minute and we will jump on it right away, No Cure No Pay!

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How does it work?

Create account

Press the ‘Create account’ button and enter your company info and contact details. The login details will be sent to you immediately.

Je incasso's eenvoudig indienen met Credifin

Upload your invoices

Once you’ve logged in, you can upload overdue invoices and additional documents easily and quickly.

Met Credifin kan je direct incasso's indienen

Get started right away?

Once received, we check the documentation and immediately send a letter and/or Registered E-mail ™ to your debtor.

Credifin incassobureau inzage online

24/7 online access

You can view all subsequent documentation and follow-up steps in your account 24/7. That way you always know what the status is. If necessary, then we will contact you.

Why Credifin?

  • Fast results thanks to more than 12.5 years of experience
  • 100% No cure No pay Debt collection agency
  • Letter sent to the debtor the next working day
  • Easy upload of your invoices
  • Follow the collection process 24/7 via your online file
  • Unique: Free collection with Registered Email ™

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9.3 / 10

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