How does it work?

With our simple online collection web portal, you have 24/7 access to your debt collection process, along with all the necessary documentation. After you've created an account, simply upload the overdue invoices (and relevant documents) and we'll start working immediately. Using a debt collection agency has never been easier! And of course, it's on a No cure no pay basis.

How does it work?

Create account

Press the ‘Create account’ button and enter your company info and contact details. The login details will be sent to you immediately.

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Upload your invoices

Once you’ve logged in, you can upload overdue invoices and additional documents easily and quickly.

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Get started right away?

Once received, we check the documentation and immediately send a letter and/or Registered E-mail ™ to your debtor.

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24/7 online access

You can view all subsequent documentation and follow-up steps in your account 24/7. That way you always know what the status is. If necessary, then we will contact you.

Step 2 - Create online collection account

What can we help you with?
  • Final notice

    Do you want to give your customer one last chance to make a payment? Let us send a friendly and discrete final reminder. Always on your behalf and on our stationery, because in most cases this leads to faster payment without jeopardizing your customer relationship. Read more

  • Collection process

    Small or large amount? A disputed or uncontested claim? We will gladly resolve it for you. No hassle and no more worries. Always on a 100% No-Cure No Pay basis, so your debtor pays the collection costs on top of the outstanding amount. If we don't manage to collect anything? Then you don't pay a thing! You simply upload the overdue invoices via our online debt collection web portal and you'll always be up to date on the status of the debt collection process. Read more

  • House visit - Credit check

    If your debtor will not respond or does not want to pay, we can visit your customer at the last known residential or business address. This is also to assess the financial situation or to come to a solution together. Read more

  • Judicial collection procedure

    Still not managed to collect the outstanding amount through the debt collection process? Then use our legal expertise. We assess in advance whether starting a judicial collection procedure is a good idea. We look at how strong your business is and whether there are legal options to still recover the debt from your debtor via, among other things, a credit check/or house visit. Read more

Why Credifin?

  • Fast results thanks to more than 12.5 years of experience
  • 100% No cure No pay Debt collection agency
  • Letter sent to the debtor the next working day
  • Easy upload of your invoices
  • Follow the collection process 24/7 via your online file
  • Unique: Free collection with Registered Email ™

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