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Legal advice

Need legal advice for a debt collection process? A legal conflict can arise from scratch, sometimes without much you can do about it yourself. If a customer refuses to pay, or if a client has been silent for a long time.

Annoying situations, for which you can use advice from an expert. Who tells you what your rights are, and on the other hand knows the duties. To guide you through legal proceedings. Or to prevent the conflict from getting out of hand with the right approach.

Why legal advice?

A debt collection process has a number of phases in which you do not automatically need legal advice. During the amicable phase, we officially declare your customer in default. We hereby indicate that the payment has been delayed for too long and that it must still be made. We will contact you for this and let us know that you want to have paid the invoice. Always with a friendly and approach, where we communicate as clearly as possible.

Tip: many of our clients’ first non-paying clients eventually become our clients. They appreciate our approach, in which we combine clarity with a friendly working method.

Is it not possible to collect the invoice during the amicable phase? We move on to the judicial phase. Or use the extrajudicial options to persuade your customer to pay the invoice. In addition, we provide legal advice and we prevent you from being left alone.

Moreover, we think along with you about the opportunities in the file, and the approach that is best suited for this. Does it make sense to go to court? We advise on the legal approach and the possible next step (s), so that you can rely on the judgment of experienced lawyers for this.

How does it work: For freelancers, SMEs and other companies

We know from experience what you as a freelancer, as an SME organization and within other companies can deal with. Important information, based on which we indicate what our advice would be. To change the approach, to maintain it for a while or to steer towards legal proceedings.

Something that we try to prevent as much as possible, by reaching an agreement with your customer before that time. This saves a lot of valuable time and prevents unnecessary costs. Ultimately, it increases the chance that you will receive your money earlier. We provide the legal advice you need to execute the collection and the process as smoothly as possible.

Legal advice at Credifin: 17+ years of experience

Credifin has more than 17 years of experience with debt collection and the legal advice you need. Even when it gets complicated. So are you no longer able to convince the customer to pay? And does a normal collection not seem to work or do you not have confidence in it at the moment? We are happy to explain the possibilities.

We can support you as an entrepreneur with our legal advice. And guide you in the course of events, for example with attention to the wording and arguments you use. For communication with the other party, in which it is sometimes important to choose the words correctly.

So do you have an outstanding invoice or are you looking for legal advice for a specific collection? You can submit your invoice directly online. Or ask us about the legal options, then we would like to think along with you.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to know more about legal advice or do you have any questions about our working method or the costs? Call us on telephone number 020 345 26 75 or send an e-mail to We would like to hear from you!

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