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Online webportal for debtors

Through our online webportal for debtors, debtors have access to the overdue invoice and relevant documentation and correspondence. This way they can check for themselves whether everything is correct without having to contact us. In addition, they can easily pay the outstanding amount via our online payment system.

My file online

When your debtor receives a message from us about her outstanding account, your debtor can simply log in via the ‘pay bill’ button to our online webportal for debtors. You can log in to this online webportal anywhere, anytime. Your debtor has received personal login details for this by e-mail or by post. They can then immediately pay the overdue invoice and view the accompanying documentation and correspondence.

Make online payment

Do you want to pay the customer an outstanding amount immediately? We make it easy for your customer. With Ideal the transfer is arranged quickly. Trusted and secure.

Request payment arrangement

Can your debtor not pay the claim at once? Debtors can make a payment proposal via the web portal. We try to find a solution together with your debtor.

Does your debtor disagree with the claim?

It is also possible that your debtor does not agree with the outstanding invoice, for example because she thinks the work has not been delivered properly or if a valid agreement has not been concluded. Your debtor can send us an e-mail or make her defense known via the web portal.

What if your debtor is being treated by a debt relief agency?

If your debtor is under administration or if it is registered with a debt counseling agency, we request that it enter the details of its administrator / counselor on our web portal. We have created a special form for this. Of course, the debtor can also e-mail the data to our address.

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Debt collection proces

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Why Credifin?

  • No subscription or file costs
  • 100% No cure No pay
  • Letter sent to the debtor the next working day
  • Easy upload of your invoices
  • Follow the collection process 24/7 via your online file
  • Unique: Free collection with Registered Email ™

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