Payment reminder

Send a payment reminder to remind your customer of an outstanding invoice? It is an important first step before you send the reminder and finally activate a debt collection agency . You point the customer to an outstanding invoice, of which the payment term has expired.

What is a payment reminder?

What is a payment reminder? The definition reads as follows:

“A payment reminder is a written reminder for which you do not have to pay any additional costs.”

On the original invoice you state a payment term and possibly the latest payment date. Has that period expired without you having received the payment? You can send a reminder. It is customary to send two reminders and then a reminder. Each time you state the new payment term, in order to take the next step as soon as it expires.

Tip: you can send a payment reminder by post, but you can also send it by e-mail or SMSAnd for what the possibilities you have dried up yourself, because you have little experience with that.

Legal requirements for the reminder and reminder

Curious about the legal requirements for payment reminders? There are no specific legal requirements when sending reminders to business customers. Is it a private consumer instead? You must then send a final reminder, which is also known as the 14-day letter.

It is common to send two payment reminders and then a final notice. With the latter, it is wise to indicate that you will start a collection process if payment is still not received. And do you not get any reactions to the memories and the reminder? Sometimes it helps to call the customer. This prevents the e-mails or letters and text messages from being read, making the collection a great surprise.

Download sample payment reminder

Download a sample payment reminder so you can send it to customers? Our example in PDF shows all important information, which you can of course copy to remind your customers of an outstanding invoice.

Download the example of a payment reminder for your customer below.

Payment reminder

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