Reclaim brokerage fees

Reclaim brokerage fees

Do you want to reclaim brokerage fees?

This is possible, for example, if you live in a rented house and have paid costs to a broker or intermediary.

Agency fees

It is permitted to charge the landlord or the tenant costs for the mediation. The knife should not cut both ways, so as soon as you find out it is possible to work on it. As a collection agency , we are happy to help you with that. 

It can be difficult to address a larger organization about this, just like a company with which you want to have contact later for another rental property. We do this in a friendly yet compelling way, to indicate what you are entitled to. This way we prevent you from paying too much brokerage fees, without this meaning that you have to attack the broker or agent hard.

To broker or intermediary

It is brokers and intermediaries who calculate the brokerage. They do this as standard to the landlord and in a number of cases also to the tenant. This is not allowed, because the court then rules that there is a double payment. It is not possible to have both parties pay for this.

Tip: do you want to reclaim brokerage fees in a different situation? All kinds of intermediaries charge costs for the mediation. These are large intermediaries, just like AirBnB and other organizations that facilitate. As soon as there are costs on both sides, you as a tenant usually have the option to reclaim the costs.

Do you think you have wrongly paid brokerage fees and do you therefore want to reclaim them? We help you map out exactly what is going on and what you are entitled to. This is how we help you avoid paying when you don’t have to. And we can advise you about the situations about which you may have doubts.

How is it regulated by law?

Are you curious about how it is regulated by law when it comes to brokerage fees? It is important to inform the mediator or intermediary of this. So explain that it is not allowed to charge the tenant agency fees, because the organization works as an intermediary for the landlord.

By also charging you as a tenant costs, the intermediary is acting in violation of the law. This is stated in the Civil Code, book 7:417 and 7:427 and 3:40. By including this literally in the letter, it is possible to address the mediator or intermediary about wrongdoing. In most cases that is enough to recover the costs. And does the broker or other intermediary not want to cooperate? Then we are happy to guide you to get it done anyway.

Help with recovery

Are you looking for help with recovery because you have little or no experience with this yourself? We are happy to explain how it works, can guide you and ensure that we address the broker or intermediary properly.

We do this in a neat tone, without making a fuss. In this way we manage to recover the costs, so that you do not have to pay for the mediation.

Reclaim brokerage fees

Do you want to reclaim the brokerage fees, for example for a rental home or a temporary residence in an apartment or elsewhere? We explain how that works, map out the situation for you and can probably help you with it. This way you avoid paying (high) brokerage fees if you are not obliged to do so and it is not even allowed to charge you for them.

Knowing more?

Do you have any questions about reclaiming brokerage fees?


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