Before you proceed to offer your claim for collection you could consider using a “final warning”. In that case we will send a final warning in your name, on Credifin Nederland stationary, in which your debtor is kindly requested to pay the claim in full within 14 days. In case your debtor fails to make the payment, you can then decide to offer your claim for collection, which will start the collection process.

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Your final warning by registered e-mail

In case you know an email address of your debtor, we will send the final warning in addition to our standard letter by Registered Email free of charge. The registered email will give greater force to the warning and result in a quicker payment. We are able to prove that the debtor has received a proper final warning, and that the warning has actually been sent.


The fee for sending a final warning is € 10,- not including VAT.

We will not charge more for sending the “Registered Email”. *Of course we can discuss the price, depending on the size of your order*.

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