A supplementary service that we offer alongside our debt collection services is visiting your debtor personally at their last known residential or business address. A house visit can be set up because debtors simply fail to react, or in order to obtain more information about your debtor’s financial situation.

Our benefits

  • Personal contact
  • Enrichment of data on debtors
  • Entering into payment agreements
  • Full report of all findings

House visit

We send an experienced member of our personnel along to the location in order to assess the situation, after which he will attempt to enter into communication. Our aim is to obtain payment, or to enter into a payment arrangement. Naturally the visits take place within the framework of the due care, norms and standards that are generally considered appropriate in our society.

After the visit you receive a report from our office containing our findings.

Credit check

Would you like to know more about the financial position of your future business relationship? Or maybe you are proposing to summons a debtor, but you would like to gain insight first into the payment history of your debtor? With the credit check by Credifin Nederland, you will obtain more certainty about the financial position of your debtor!

Our benefits

  • Reliable information
  • Fast and effective
  • Extremely affordable
  • Full report of all findings

We can undertake an investigation to determine whether a business or a person has a record of bad payment. We make use of a variety of sources in this investigation, which increases the likelihood of a correct, up-to-date and reliable outcome. You receive the results in a tailor-made report, after which you can make a considered judgement on whether you wish to do business with a company, or whether or not to summons your debtor.

A good credit check can save you a lot of money. Allow yourself to be convinced of the value of our credit checks.

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