Een gerechtelijke procedure aangaan

Judicial collection procedure

Still not managed to collect the outstanding amount through the debt collection process? Then use our legal expertise. We assess in advance whether starting a judicial collection procedure is a good idea. We look at how strong your business is and whether there are legal options to still recover the debt from your debtor via, among other things, a credit check/or house visit.

Start judicial collection procedure

If it turns out that you have a strong case, you can proceed with the judicial process. We’ll start to work for you immediately. We supervise the process from the preparation of the summons to the announcement of the verdict. After the verdict we monitor the process with our bailiff. Because unfortunately, the payment isn’t always handed over immediately once the judge has ruled the case.

The moment a verdict has been announced, it means that you have the legal right to receive payment and that your debtor owes a certain amount to you. But then you’re only halfway there: The verdict is in, but the money is yet to be received.

Enable bailiff?

A bailiff is the only person in the Netherlands that can be authorized by the court in this process. Much like a solicitor must be hired in to draw up a will, a bailiff must be called on for debt collection. A bailiff is not only bound by codes of conduct, but also by laws and regulations.

Legal action

The duration of the legal proceedings is difficult to estimate and can last from 1 month to 4 to 5 months. This also depends on the cooperation and current financial position of your debtor. If they have substantial assets, the process can be much faster.

If a claim is not immediately collected, the question remains whether it will ever be fully met. We will give you sound legal advice in advance so that you can decide whether it makes sense (financially) to choose to enter into a judicial collection procedure or not and how long it may take.

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