Sometimes a claim needs to be brought before a district court. Beforehand we will advise you if initiating a legal proceeding is worthwhile, to determine this we will need to know how strong your case is and if the debtor is able to redress.

Furthermore the duration of the process needs to be taken into account, which can take a while. The accused party may also defend themselves.Upon your written agreement we will handle the case from the moment the summons is issued to the moment the verdict has been executed.

Our benefits

  • Beforehand we provide a thorough assessment if initiating a legal proceeding is even worthwhile.
  • We will prepare the summons free of charge.
  • We will supervise the process from preparing the summons to the verdict.
  • We will monitor the execution process with our bailiff after the verdict.

Legal procedure fees

Both the extrajudicial and possible legal collection activities (bailiff, court fees and enforcement measures) as well as any other activities are always for the account and at the risk of the client. These costs will of course be charged to the losing party, however if they cannot be recovered they will be charged to your account. The cost of a bailiff and the court fees are payable to us in advance.

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