Debt collection agency for private individuals

Debt collection agency for private individuals

Are you looking for a collection agency for private individuals or is it a claim against a private individual?

Please note that different laws and regulations apply to private individuals than to companies . This means that as a private individual you are much better protected. For example, it is important to first send sufficient reminders and reminders before you can charge any collection costs.

Debt collection agency for individuals

And are you a private individual, are you looking for a collection agency for private individuals , do you have an outstanding claim against someone else or a company? Then unfortunately you can not go everywhere to start a collection procedure with a collection agency . For example, it is important that you have proof that the other party has to pay the bill to you. Is it a loan for which payments are not made? Then it is important that you have an agreement that has been signed by both you and the other party.

Collection from individuals

Did you deliver as a company to a private individual? It can be difficult to collect an invoice . Please note that you must first send the mandatory reminders and also the reminder before you can calculate collection costs.

After that, it is allowed to charge collection costs, something we can help you with. We give the private individual notice of default , after which it is possible to start the process. Keep in mind that it can sometimes be difficult to collect the money, for example if there are multiple debts or a financially difficult situation.

So are you thinking about a collection process involving a private individual? It is wise to contact us. Unlike an invoice to companies, it is not self-evident that we can help you with it. We assess the situation, on the basis of which we can indicate what the options are.

Collection for individuals

Are you a private individual and do you want to use a collection agency? You have options, although it is therefore important that you have a good record of what you have mutually agreed upon. Unlike companies, there is probably no question of a quote or an invoice.

So you have placed an order and it is not being delivered? Or have you provided a loan that the other person is no longer paying so neatly at the moment? In both cases there is an unpleasant situation. However, it is not that easy to do something about this with a collection agency for private individuals.

Sufficient evidence

In any case, make sure that you have a signed agreement as a creditor that you can fall back on. It is the main proof that the other party owes you money. You need that proof when you, as a private individual, want to engage a collection agency to still get your money. And do you have e-mails or, for example, WhatsApp messages that can serve as evidence? It is important to collect all this, which will ensure that you can increase the chance of success.

Our working method as a collection agency for private individuals: submit within 5 minutes

Are you curious about our working method as a collection agency for private individuals in the amicable process? We understand that you have already spent a lot of time sending payment reminders and reminders . That’s why we want to make it easy for you to get started. You can submit your invoice online and we will get started right away. We contact your customer through various channels, such as voice dialing, SMS, WhatsApp, social media and of course by telephone. Moreover, you can follow the progress online 24/7 in your personal file.

What you can expect from us:

  • You can submit your direct debit order within 5 minutes
  • 24/7 online tracking of the progress in your personal file
  • Over 18 years of experience and expertise in the field of debt collection
  • No subscription or file costs
  • After collection, the money will be in your account within 1 week

We tailor our working method as a collection agency for private individuals to your relationship with the customer and the specific situation. This way you can be sure that you have full control, without having to worry about it all the time.

Legal action

If the extrajudicial collection process turns out to be unsuccessful, we can decide to start legal proceedings after consultation with you. In this case we will prepare a summons , have it served by our bailiff and take the case to court. This process can take more time and entail additional costs, but sometimes it is necessary to be able to claim the amount due in this way.

This is what our customers say

“Highly recommended! Very very helpful! Despite it being a relatively small bill, they handled it as if it had been a big one. I am so glad I hired them.” Studio Rodenhuis

“Very good communication, clear website and secure environment in which documents and communication are shared.” HSV the Working Dog Teteringen

“Unfortunately I have to use this service sometimes; but i’m happy with it when i need it. I have now been helped 2x; 1x with a private individual and 1x with a company who stuck their heads in the sand…” Handyman Michel

“I have a very high regard for debt collection agency Credifin, I have been submitting debt collection cases since 2019, almost always with a good result, I found them at the time via a youtube video ( Engage debt collection agency I Credifin – Expert and innovative collection for fast results! ) , I thought , that video looks professional, I’m going to give it a try, I created an account and got to work right away, I haven’t regretted it to this day.” Administration office de Jong

Looking for a debt collection agency for private individuals?

We are your specialists in debt collection for consumers , so we ensure that you as a private customer can still collect the unpaid invoice. This is largely automated, where you can easily track the progress online. This way you can be sure that it will be properly arranged, of course in a friendly way to speak to your customer properly.

And are you privately curious about the possibilities of engaging a collection agency privately ? We are happy to tell you more about debt collection agencies for private individuals, even if we are unfortunately unable to help you with it.

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