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Debt collection process

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Starting a debt collection process with us debt collection agency? Debt collection comes from debt collection, to have your outstanding invoices or receivables paid. Thanks to a set route, which makes it easy for your customers to pay.

Choose how your debtor is approached

New and unique in the Netherlands!

Compile a debt collection process yourself? This is possible at Credifin Nederland, we understand that every customer is unique. Everyone has their own reasons for starting a collection procedure, whereby everyone also has their own wishes for how the customer in question will be approached. Do you want to keep the relationship with your customer as good as possible or do you opt for a more intensive approach, in which you want to receive your money as soon as possible?

Especially in these times of corona, Credifin Netherlands has developed a 4th collection process: The 2020 process, based on solidarity to your customer.

Thanks to our advanced collection system, we are now able to offer the possibility to choose from different collection processes, namely:

Super friendly debt collection process

Your customer will be approached in a friendly and relaxed manner at different intervals by our specially selected most friendly staff. It is in no way indicated that in the absence of payment your customer may face additional costs or legal proceedings. Retaining your customer is central. After receiving the payment, your customer will receive a thank you for the good completion of the case!

  • Great for: Any business where customer retention is central.
  • Duration of the trajectory: approximately 6 weeks *

Regular debt collection process

This is the standard, most chosen collection process. The start of the debt collection process begins in a friendly manner, after which the pressure for payment is increasingly increased during the debt collection procedure, by explaining the consequences and the possible costs of legal proceedings if payment is not made.

  • Very suitable for: Gyms, associations, dentists, web shops, web hosts, garages, services based on subscription forms, VVE, physiotherapists and other service providers.
  • Duration of the trajectory: approximately 6 weeks *

10 day urgent process

This is our most intensive and fastest debt collection process. This debt collection process is very suitable if you need urgent assistance or if you want quick clarity as to whether or not to pay. Your customer will be contacted by telephone within 24 hours after sending the notice of default. Your customer is informed that an urgent procedure has been started, with legal measures being taken if necessary in the short term if no urgent solution is reached.

  • Very suitable for: Larger receivables, where the chance of payment decreases if you wait longer, for example in the event of bankruptcy.
  • Duration of the route: Max. 2 weeks

New: The 2020 debt collection process!

This debt collection process was created especially for companies affected by the corona crisis. This debt collection process is based on solidarity towards your customer: at our first reminder we mention that you use the 2020 process especially for your customer, which offers your customer various advantages. For example, your customer does not have to pay interest in this process and your customer is given the standard opportunity to repay the claim through a broader payment arrangement. In addition, if desired, your customer can pay a little less in the first months if the situation requires it.

  • Very suitable for: Any case where solidarity towards your customer is central. It doesn’t matter if you have to wait a bit longer for your money, as long as you start paying.
  • Duration of the route: Depending on the circumstances of the case.

* Note: If your customer puts up a defense during the collection procedure or if a payment arrangement is made, the process may of course take longer.

Specific wishes?

Credifin Nederland gives you the option of completing programs according to your own wishes. For example, do you want to use the 2020 process, but do not want to let the interest lapse and do you want the debtor to pay in a maximum of 6 months?

Please indicate this when starting the collection process or call us for specific wishes on telephone number 020 345 26 75

Debt collection process: Which means do we use?

At Credifin we believe in a customer-friendly debt collection process. No threatening phone calls or aggressive e-mails, but by enticing your customer (and encouraging) to pay the invoice, in accordance with the situation and the contact details we have of your debtor. We use a Registered Email ™, well-prepared reminders and reminders or text messages to the customer. You can experience that yourself with us in the web portal, as soon as you get started. Curious how we do that?

For this we use, for example:

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  • Registered Email ™
  • SMS
  • Whatsapp

Column: 2

  • Voice-dialing
  • Sociale media
  • By Phone

Your customer can pay quickly and easily

With our web portal for debtors, we like to make it easy for your customer to pay quickly and safely. With the iDeal button that is available, your customer can make the payment. Would your customer like to pay, but are you unable to do this in one go? No problem, your customer can make a payment proposal in the portal. In addition, we offer your customer the opportunity to chat with us if there are any questions. And just as important, thanks to the web portal and the friendly approach, your good relationship with the customer is not immediately at stake.

24/7 insight

After uploading your invoice, you also have 24/7 online insight into the status and progress. You can easily follow your trajectory, so you know exactly what we are working on at the time. On the basis of the clear workflow, we ensure that you can still get your outstanding invoices paid quickly.

With these clear steps, we ensure a simple and effective online debt collection process. The easiest and fastest way to collect your outstanding invoice. Friendly and compelling enough, with which we have excellent experiences. In fact, some of the first non-paying customers ask us to also collect their invoices for them.

Is there still no direct debit payment?

With us you always use No Cure, No Pay collection. Is it not possible to collect the invoice? Then you don’t pay any costs. You can collect your invoices 100% free of risk.

Start debt collection process

Enthusiastic and do you want to start a process? Create an account within 1 minute and upload your outstanding invoice and we will immediately start working for you.

Tip: prevent the next time that a debt collection process is necessary? With a Credit Check you find out with whom you are going to do business.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about our working method or the costs of the collection process? Call us on telephone number 020 345 26 75 or send an e-mail to We would like to hear from you!

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  • No subscription or file costs
  • 100% No cure No pay
  • Letter sent to the debtor the next working day
  • Easy upload of your invoices
  • Follow the collection process 24/7 via your online file
  • Unique: Free collection with Registered Email ™

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