Whether it’s a small or a large claim, it’s going to be a payment dispute or does your client never comment on any summon,we offer our debt collection services based on * 100 % No-Cure No-Pay * you will not pay any subscription or registration fee. If your debtor doesn’t pay anything, you do not pay anything either.

Method collection agency

With a team of debt collection specialists we offer a custom tailored approach. Nice where possible, hard where necessary. Because Credifin-Nederland employs the very latest technology and collection methods, including registered emails, text messages, voice-dialling and even social media, your debtors will continually sense our presence. In case the debtor is unable to satisfy the claim, we will find a solution by means of a payment agreement or plan. So we will not use the heavy artillery when the situation doesn’t call for it.

In case a debtor refuses to cooperate we can always resort to heavier measures. Staying consistent in the “agreed is agreed” approach, frequently monitoring the compliance, and immediately taking action upon deviation from the agreements, these are the principles which help ensure the case is correctly processed.

Our benefits

  • We collect throughout the Netherlands
  • As well for single collection
  • Easy claiming and direct action
  • Complete transparency, tour records available 24/7 online

Unique: Innovative collection with Registered Mail™

Credifin Nederland is constantly on the lookout for new options to enable us to collect your claim faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably. So we use the registered email ™ with iDeal payment option. Experience shows that the large majority of registered email ™ be opened within 30 minutes, often resulting in a response or even a payment.

The most economical debt collection tariffs

Unique! Credifin Nederland operates both a No-cure-no-pay-debt-collection policy and a Cure no pay! policy. If your debtor doesn’t pay anything, you do not pay anything either. If your debtor pays the claim in full, you receive the full invoice amount!

Also for one-off assignments

Credifin Nederland does not charge any subscription costs. For one-off assignments the same conditions apply as if you submit a number of claims. This makes Credifin Nederland particularly suitable for the submission of one-off assignments.

We collect debts throughout the Netherlands

With us, you will find everything under one roof. Unlike many bailiffs firms, Credifin Nederland is not tied to one region. It doesn’t matter where your debtor is based or living, you can always submit your claim to us.

Weekly settlement of fully paid dossiers

If your debtor has fully settled the claim, you will receive the money within one week.

Collection costs in accordance with the ‘Besluit’ (regulations) for the payment of out-of-court collection costs

Unfortunately it still regularly happens, that debt collection firms charge higher collection costs than the guidelines prescribe. These firms damage not just the reputation of our branch, they can also damage the reputation of your business. With us you are assured of a correct collection procedure, meaning that your debtor will not pay too much.

Debt monitoring

It could occur that a claim is impossible to collect at a given moment. Experience has taught us that debtors often recover their financial position in the future. We monitor these debtors regularly, by referencing our various sources, to detect any active changes in address details or sources of income. Once we determine a change, we immediately take action to finally collect your claim. This will prevent your claims from expiring past their limitation date and gives you another opportunity to receive what’s due. Cases in our debt monitoring process can be reviewed online just like open collection claims.

Collecting abroad

Partially thanks to our intensive contacts in various countries Credifin Nederland can represent your interests in several European countries. Collecting foreign claims always takes place in accordance with the locally applicable law and is realised by local collection agencies. The collection activities are implemented by locally operating collection partners, whom approach the debtors in their own language.

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